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To ensure correct use and ease of movement of the components, it is essential to follow our recommendations about the relationship of weight and size of doors, as well as information regarding our guarantee policies.

Smoothness of use
The smoothness of use can be verified directly via the handle. The opening and closing time of the window handle is set to max. 10 Nm, in accordance with the normative DIN 18055. This can be verified with a torque wrench. Harmony of the movements can be improved using grease or oil, or by further adjustment of the fittings. For the turn and tilt fittings, there are either two or three lateral adjustments. Any other adjustment of the fittings performed incorrectly or inappropriately may impair the proper functioning of the window.

Fastening of components
The correct functioning of the window and its safe use depends very much on the precise arrangement of the components. Always carefully check the correct positioning and attachment of each individual bolt. If a screw appears to be loose or broken, you must immediately tighten or replace it.

Wear of components
In order to avoid wear from friction, all the cog components of the fittings must be regularly lubricated or greased, according to our instructions.
Damage to components
Damaged parts must be replaced immediately, especially if they are important or fundamental. In general, these suggestions are not eligible to any type of legal request, which is only considered in specific cases.
Functionality and smoothness of the movements of all the components, on both the door and frame, can be maintained by greasing regularly (at least once a year). This will also help to avoid wear due to friction. In addition also check each individual bolt. Screws that are loose or possibly damaged must be tightened or replaced immediately.

Straight after installation, you must remove the thin protective film from your new windows and the label pasted on the glass, keeping it in a safe place in case you need a future glass replacement. The PVC profiles have a smooth surface that facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Dirt, dust, and deposits left by rain, can be easily removed using a soft cloth and a common and commercially available dishwashing detergent or degreaser diluted in water. We recommend washing the window glass using a very clean deerskin cleaning cloth soaked in hot water. CAUTION:
-Do not use abrasive substances;
-Do not use cleaning products containing solvents and aggressive or corrosive cleaning agents such as nitro thinners, ketones, esters, aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene, toluene or xylene), chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g. methyl chloride, trichloroethylene);
-Do not use rigid or abrasive cleaning utensils such as spatulas, wire brushes, rough sponges, etc., as they may damage the surface of the window and over time cause permanent stains.
Use of detergents containing more than 25% alcohol (ethanol) or acetic acid and similar products, can ruin of the surface of the coated products. In industrial areas, air pollution can cause deposits which may determine the formation of stains. To avoid these stains, we recommend regular cleaning using a detergent specifically for PVC. How often one should clean also depends on the degree of environmental pollution of the home area. Dirt formed during the production process, such as hinge grease or markings in pen or pencil, can be removed with water and a common dish detergent or degreaser. You can use steam cleaning machines provided that they are used at a distance of 35 cm from the window frame. Avoid using these if the outside temperature is very cold or below freezing. To clean the handles use only warm water and a soft cloth.


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