COMPANY Italian producers of doors and windows that are expertly made with skill, care and a touch of creativity.
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Those with ingenuity and craftsmanship produce windows and doors. Those who add passion create Tecnoplast doors and windows. And we are Italian: manufacturers of doors and windows that are expertly made with skill, care and a touch of creativity. For many years, our mission has also been our obsession: to create beautiful, secure and effective windows and doors for houses all over the world. Designer doors, customisable in shape and colour.

Windows that are resistant to break-ins and fire; glass curtains with perfect thermal and sound insulation. We have an ambition: to become a brand synonymous with Italian windows. We are proud of our origin and we strive to manufacture products that embody our principles. Your best guarantee of quality.

There is a precise moment in which every story begins. Ours began in the mind of Enzo Cammillini on the day that he was convinced that the future of doors and windows in Italy had a new name: PVC; an alternative and upcoming, yet already innovative material. His obsession in his search for the best and his trust in the master Italian makers of doors and windows led to the creation of a new brand. We were among the first to specialise in PVC and fight for it to be transformed into a noble and virtuous material.
And, as the market grew, we grew too. The 300 m2 of yesterday have today become an area of 20,000 m2, equipped with the latest production technologies and supported by the work of nearly 100 employees: engineers, craftsmen, designers; men and women who have, over the years, together with our customers built the very best in Italian windows. And that is our story.
Our country is Italy. Our market is Europe. We are an Italian manufacturer that exports abroad but we continue to grow even nationally. Today, in Italy, we have over 800 Approved Retailers, who work together with showrooms and leading construction corporations: an extensive and efficient network that allows us be aware of everyone’s demands and to provide timely responses.
We are currently working hard to offer this standard in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Malta, covering the main distribution channels step-by-step, in order to provide a quality of service worthy of our products.
WHY CHOOSE A PVC WINDOW? The building material of the future is insulating, durable, eco-friendly and customisable

With REHAU, the world’s leading PVC profile manufacturer, we share a passion for the endless potential of this material.


At our factory near Pesaro, we produce around 300 windows and doors every day. From simple windows to complex sliding systems, arched windows and all the necessary complementary products and accessories, such as shutters or rolling shutter casings. Our doors and windows are built by our most skilled craftsmen using high-tech machinery, guaranteeing a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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