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Converting an entire wall into a “window to the world” is a choice that lights the home and removes the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, opening up spaces. How can you best benefit from this option, without compromising on your security and the best thermal and sound insulation? Tecnoplast pvc glass curtains are the best answer. The systems offered boast minimal profiles which ensure maximum light, as well as unrivalled performance technology.

WHY CHOOSE A TECNOPLAST WINDOW? For the pleasure of quality, innovation, functionality, design and practicality

Every choice we make, every window we produce has a goal: to become an Italian benchmark. We are proud of our origin and we strive to manufacture products that embody our principles. Your best guarantee of quality.

finestra in pvc tecnoplast
profili in PVC Rehau

Behind every successful product, there lie great suppliers, and for us it is no different. Our door and window profiles are made from PVC: the building material of the future – insulating, durable, eco-friendly, customisable – produced for us by the world’s leading manufacturer, REHAU.

Sistema Brillant Design Sistema Brillant Design
Sistema Brillant Design - portoni Sistema Brillant Design - portoni
Sistema Sol Design Sistema Sol Design
Sistema Geneo Sistema Geneo
Sistema Geneo - portoni Sistema Geneo - portoni
Sistema Synego Sistema Synego
Sistema Synego - alzanti scorrevoli Sistema Synego - alzanti scorrevoli