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Behind every successful product, there lie great suppliers, and for us it is no different. Our door and window profiles are made from PVC: the building material of the future – insulating, durable, eco-friendly, customisable – produced for us by the world’s leading manufacturer, rehau. Handles, locking technology and all hardware are all made by roto-frank, a brand whose name is synonymous with smart and comprehensive solutions. This also applies to the glass: the best italian windows are only produced through a passion for quality.

PVC window systems Rehau PVC integrated window systems for tecnoplast continue
Aluminium shutter systems Integrated systems for alluminium shutters continue
WHY CHOOSE A PVC WINDOW? The building material of the future is insulating, durable, eco-friendly and customisable

With REHAU, the world’s leading PVC profile manufacturer, we share a passion for the endless potential of this material.


At our factory near Pesaro, we produce around 300 windows and doors every day. From simple windows to complex sliding systems, arched windows and all the necessary complementary products and accessories, such as shutters or rolling shutter casings. Our doors and windows are built by our most skilled craftsmen using high-tech machinery, guaranteeing a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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