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The EVOLUTION system for aluminium wall shutter even reproduces the colour and the beauty of wood in high definition and comes with a 15-year colour guarantee, thanks to cutting-edge coating technologies, boasting a wide range of colours. With EVOLUTION, shape and size are also without limits: concertina or folding shutters and blinds with 1 to 4 sashes, guidance systems designed to take up minimal space and numerous components that allow you to find solutions to even the most complex demands.

  • Depth of sash/frame: 32 mm
  • Wall frame: 14 mm
  • Wind load resistance: Class 6 (UNI EN 13659)
  • Standard latch type: adjustable hook latch
FinituraBianco Bianco
FinituraAvorio Avorio
FinituraGrigio Grigio
FinituraMarrone Marrone
FinituraVerde Verde
FinituraRovere Gold Renolit Rovere Gold Renolit
FinituraNoce Renolit Noce Renolit
FinituraNoce Reale Noce Reale
FinituraAcacia Scuro Acacia Scuro
FinituraCiliegio Rosso Ciliegio Rosso
FinituraRenolit Bianco Renolit Bianco
FinituraVerde Opaco Verde Opaco
FinituraMarrone Opaco Marrone Opaco
FinituraBianco Opaco Bianco Opaco
FinituraAvorio Semilucido Avorio Semilucido
FinituraRosso Semilucido Rosso Semilucido
FinituraGrigio MARMO Grigio MARMO
FinituraMarrone MARMO Marrone MARMO
FinituraVerde MARMO Verde MARMO
FinituraMarrone Semilucido Marrone Semilucido
FinituraGrigio Semilucido Grigio Semilucido
FinituraMarrone scuro Marrone scuro
FinituraVerde scuro Verde scuro
FinituraAvorio Opaco Avorio Opaco
FinituraBianco MARMO Bianco MARMO
FinituraRosso MARMO Rosso MARMO
FinituraRosso Opaco Rosso Opaco
FinituraCiliegio reale Ciliegio reale
FinituraCiliegio antico Ciliegio antico
FinituraWengè Wengè
FinituraRovere Rovere
FinituraMogano Mogano
FinituraRovere perlato Rovere perlato
FinituraNoce perlato Noce perlato
FinituraMogano perlato Mogano perlato
FinituraEbano Ebano
FinituraIroco Iroco
FinituraVerde EFFECTA Verde EFFECTA
FinituraCiliegio EFFECTA Ciliegio EFFECTA
FinituraNoce scuro EFFECTA Noce scuro EFFECTA
FinituraNoce chiaro EFFECTA Noce chiaro EFFECTA
FinituraGrigio Opaco Grigio Opaco
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