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The system Brilliant design system - front doors uses the Total Look finishes.
Learn how to coordinate the whole house
The system Brilliant design system - front doors uses the Total Look finishes.
Learn how to coordinate the whole house

The PVC Brilliant Design front doors system is the ideal solution for both new builds and renovation projects, complying with new energy standards and optimising consumption. 70mm deep, the profile consists of 4 chambers with large steel reinforcement and guarantees high safety performance, reaching resistance class 3 (din v env 1627)

profili in PVC Rehau
  • Profile depth: 70 mm
  • Number of chambers: 4 chambers in the sash, 5 in the frames
  • Thermal insulation: uf = 1.3 w/m²k
  • Sound insulation: up to 45 db (DIN 52210, EN 20140-3, ISO 717-1)
  • Break-in resistance: up to resistance class WK2 (DIN V ENV 1627)
  • Water tightness / resistance to heavy rain: up to load class 4 (DIN EN 12207) and 9a (DIN EN 12208)

The values ​​indicated refer to the maximum performance that the product system can offer in various combinations.

FinituraSabbia spazzolato Sabbia spazzolato
FinituraGrigio spazzolato Grigio spazzolato
FinituraRovere gold Rovere gold
FinituraNoce Noce
FinituraQuercia irlandese Quercia irlandese
FinituraCiliegio soft Ciliegio soft
FinituraCrema Crema
FinituraFrassino Frassino
FinituraDouglas Douglas
FinituraRosso scuro Rosso scuro
FinituraBlu brillante Blu brillante
FinituraRosso vino Rosso vino
FinituraVerde muschio Verde muschio
FinituraGrigio antracite Grigio antracite
FinituraGrigio argento Grigio argento
Finiturax-Brush Schwarzbraun x-Brush Schwarzbraun
FinituraTesta di moro Testa di moro
FinituraRovere Scuro Rovere Scuro
FinituraVerde Scuro Verde Scuro
FinituraWinchester XA Winchester XA
FinituraMetbrush aluminium Metbrush aluminium
FinituraBronzo Bronzo
FinituraPino nudo Pino nudo
FinituraCioccolato Cioccolato
FinituraSilicia Silicia
FinituraVerde Abete Verde Abete
FinituraGrigio Scuro Grigio Scuro
FinituraGrigio Quarzo Grigio Quarzo
FinituraMarrone Scuro Marrone Scuro
FinituraBronzo Bronzo
FinituraSheffield Rovere Light Sheffield Rovere Light
FinituraMetallic Legno Mocca Metallic Legno Mocca
FinituraQuercia Scuro Quercia Scuro Exclusive
FinituraFrassino Sbiancato Frassino Sbiancato Exclusive
FinituraOlmo Chiaro Olmo Chiaro Exclusive
FinituraGrigio Chiaro Grigio Chiaro
FinituraVeralinga Veralinga
Finiturax-Brush Stahlblau x-Brush Stahlblau
FinituraSheffield Oak Kolonial Sheffield Oak Kolonial
FinituraRovere Sbiancato Rovere Sbiancato Exclusive
FinituraCrema Matt Crema Matt
FinituraBlack Matt Black Matt
FinituraGrigio Antracite Matt Grigio Antracite Matt
FinituraTurner Oak malt Turner Oak malt
FinituraSheffield Oak Concrete Sheffield Oak Concrete
FinituraSheffield Oak Alpine Sheffield Oak Alpine
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