Who we are

Ours is an Italian story, one of passion for our work.

Tecnoplast was founded in 2003, when Enzo Cammillini decided to launch a new business venture, convinced that PVC was the future of window frames.

Tecnoplast was formed in Urbino, initially in a workshop just a few square meters in size. In just twenty years it has become one of the most important Italian manufacturers of PVC and aluminium doors and windows.

The company moved to Gallo di Petriano, to better meet the growing demand for window frames.

Growth continued, and Tecnoplast needed a larger base: it was the time for Montecchio. A head office with showroom and a manufacturing plant with the latest technological machinery guaranteed top-quality products.

The last move: Pesaro, with double the surface area to satisfy emerging growth requirements. An area covering 40,000 m2 for a well-organised, professional production plant capable of delivering more than 600 windows a day, allowing us to offer a full range of windows and doors realised with a manufacturing quality that is a point of excellence in Italy.

PVC: our past, our present, our future.

Here at Tecnoplast we saw the potential of PVC immediately, which is why we were among the first to specialise in transforming it into a noble and virtuous material.

ALUMINIUM: design and performance

Alongside PVC we have progressively added a full range of aluminium products capable of responding to every architectural and design need, while at the same time guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, soundproofing and mechanical strength.

Our values


We are proud of the excellent quality of Tecnoplast windows and doors – a quality that guarantees the highest performance and the complete satisfaction of all needs. What’s our secret? The care and attention that we give to every tiny detail, from the selection of top quality materials all the way to the finished product, to create windows and doors that meet all the customers’ needs.


From design to production, from consultancy to installation, our professionalism is the result of a genuine passion for our work. It’s the force that drives and pushes us to find increasingly innovative, beautiful and safe solutions on a daily basis, and to support our customers in making the right choices.

Italian craftsmanship

Our company is thoroughly and proudly Italian, so combining invention and creativity with in-depth know-how is an essential part of our product design process. Our know-how is born from tradition but looks to the future.


When you choose Tecnoplast you enter a sustainable virtuous circle. PVC and aluminium are extremely efficient and recyclable materials. They allow us to create windows and doors that consume less energy and resources, and which enable our customers to optimise their heating and air-conditioning costs, thus saving money and respecting the environment at the same time.


Our partners’ production plants are certified to guarantee sustainable manufacturing processes, from the sourcing of raw materials to the processing and recovery of scraps.


Thanks to an innovative co-extrusion process, our window profiles contain at least 40% of recycled material.


Machining offcuts and waste are collected during the manufacturing process and sent to specialised companies, through a European network that numbers almost 2,000 partners in the field of waste collection.


The re-cycled PVC is transformed into high quality granules and re-introduced to the extrusion process. This makes it possible to save up to 88% of CO2 emissions with respect to the extrusion of a PVC profile using virgin material only.


Vision and Mission


Here at Tecnoplast we believe that every home is unique, just like the people who live in it. That is why there is no such thing as a universal solution, but only a tailor-madeperfect one, specifically designed for each customer. Tell us what you need, so that we can start planning your new doors and windows and doors together.