Glazed PVC front doors

The elegance of a secure entrance that also gives light to your home. Select the type of glass you prefer from bevelled, satin finish or sanded glass. Tecnoplast combinations allow you to customise your entrance to the best advantage, selecting from traditional or modern finishes. Glazed PVC front doors combine PVC, a strong, durable material, with glass, blending design and resistance to weather and humidity.

Available profiles

The profile is the heart of the window or door, and is responsible for thermal insulation and soundproofing performance as well as design. Discover the profiles available for glazed PVC front doors.

System 70

Number of chambers: 5
UF: 1.3 W/m2K
Soundproofing: up to 45dB
Air permeability: up to C4
Resistance to heavy rain: up to 9°

System 80

Number of Chambers: 7
UF: 1.0 W/m2K
Soundproofing: up to 46dB
Air permeability: up to C4
Resistance to heavy rain: up to 9°

System 86

Number of Chambers: 6
UF: up to 0.85 W/m2K
Soundproofing: up to 47dB
Air permeability: up to C4
Resistance to heavy rain: up to 9°


System 70

A window that protects from the cold and helps keep out draughts, dust and humidity. This guarantees a healthier domestic environment and gives a significant economic saving.

System 80

A window that saves you money on heating bills and makes your home more attractive, secure and comfortable. Its excellent insulating characteristics will provide you with a sense of well-being you will never want to give up.

System 86

A window created using the innovative hi-tech material RAU-FIPRO® X, which makes it stable, light-weight and above all gives it levels of thermal insulation and soundproofing in advance of any other type.

What they are suitable for

Thanks to their weatherproof characteristics, our glazed PVC front doors are ideal for external use. They are also easy to install and maintain, available in a wide range of colours and designs. They can also be used as garage doors or as entrance doors for houses or commercial buildings.

  • Perfect to customise all the entrances to your home
  • Ideal for those requiring natural light, little maintenance and resistance to weather.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and glass types to suit your every need.



Choose from seven different finishes for handles and hinges, to blend in perfectly with the colours in your home.

Alarm sensor

Make your windows and doors even safer without visible cables, by preparing them to house alarm sensors.

Electric door release

A system that allows you to open your front door from a distance. It is activated by a switch or badge.

Robotic Lock

An innovative automatic locking system that can be activated by remote control, a magnetic card, a number pad or an app on your mobile phone. It can be programmed to open or close the front door at given times of day or in response to certain events, such as the arrival of a visitor or activation of an alarm.


A safety device designed to increase the security of a front door against attempts to force entry. The defender can be installed both inside and outside the front door.

Door Closer

The door closer is a mechanical device used to close a door automatically and in a controlled manner. It generates a force that avoids violent jerks and slamming of the door. Ideal for hospitals, airports, offices and schools, to prevent doors from remaining open too long and to guarantee the security of buildings.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder for front doors is a type of lock that uses a cylinder key, programmed with a unique code that only allows the corresponding keys to open the lock. This is more practical, as it allows several doors to be opened using a single key.

Cylinder with Knob

The cylinder with knob for front doors is a type of lock that combines a standard cylinder with a knob (handle) to open and close the front door from the inside without having to use the key.

Finishes for PVC windows

Crema Matt / Codice 1551L
Turner Oak Malt / Codice 2031L
Rovere Gold / Codice 7512


Here at Tecnoplast we believe that every home is unique, just like the people who live in it. That is why there is no such thing as a universal solution, but only a tailor-madeperfect one, specifically designed for each customer. Tell us what you need, so that we can start planning your new doors and windows and doors together.


Why choose a Tecnoplast product?


We are proud of the excellent quality of Tecnoplast windows and doors – a quality that guarantees the highest performances and the complete satisfaction of all needs. What’s our secret? The care and attention that we pay to every detail, from the selection of top-quality materials all the way to the finished product, to create windows and doors that meet all our customers’ needs.


From design to creation, from consultancy to final installation. Our professionalism is the result of a genuine passion for our job, a true force that guides us and pushes us to find increasingly innovative, beautiful and safe solutions every day, working alongside our customers in their choices.

Italian craftsmanship

Our company is deeply and proudly Italian. For this reason, combining the invention and creativity that characterise us with in-depth know-how is essential to the creation of all our products. Our know-how is born from tradition but looks towards the future.

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