Guide to selecting doors and windows to understand the advantages of Tecnoplast products.

The reliability of a large company that has always invested in technology combined with the attention to detail and customization typical of craftsmanship. Tecnoplast manages to blend these two worlds at its best, always standing by the customer's side

The decision to replace windows and doors may stem from aesthetic considerations, such as the desire to update the style of one’s home, as well as the need to make windows suitable for protecting against noise and thwarting burglars, or to enable savings on energy bills by improving the thermal performance of the home.

Windows and doors with thermal and acoustic insulation issues increase the risks of: • mold formation on walls, with obvious repercussions on people’s health, indoor air quality, and the integrity of the living environment; • increased levels of psychophysical stress, onset of insomnia, anxiety, and hearing problems; • overall decrease in living comfort.

It’s also important to remember that more efficient, modern windows and doors help eliminate thermal losses and contribute to reducing energy consumption and air pollution.

Una volta deciso di procedere alla sostituzione degli infissi, la scelta del materiale diventa un aspetto importante da considerare. I principali fattori da tenere in considerazione sono:
• caratteristiche meccaniche e isolanti;
• aspetto estetico;
• sostenibilità ambientale.


PVC is currently the most widely used material in Italy for making windows and doors. It is well suited for the creation of custom windows, even in non-“standard” sizes, while taking into account the main technical characteristics that every fixture must ensure.

Thermal Insulation: From a thermal insulation standpoint, PVC has high insulating capacity. However, each home has specific insulation needs that must be carefully evaluated to select the fixtures that best suit the climatic characteristics of the area where the home is located and depending on the orientation of the house (north or south). Thanks to the performance offered by multi-chamber profiles, Tecnoplast windows ensure high thermal insulation, which leads to energy savings through reduced heat or air conditioning loss, resulting in economic and environmental benefits.

Sound Insulation: Tecnoplast PVC fixtures, along with the correct choice of glazing, also have excellent characteristics in terms of sound insulation, which must also be evaluated based on the area where the home is located. For an apartment located in the city center, facing a busy street, in an industrial area, or close to highways, more consideration should be given to noise shielding aspects compared to what is needed for a villa immersed in the tranquility of the countryside.

Resistance: Tecnoplast PVC windows are particularly durable and weather-resistant. They are not affected by water, wind, prolonged exposure to sunlight, or salty air. Additionally, PVC is a self-extinguishing material, thus offering high fire-resistant performance. Its excellent resistance is also an advantage in terms of security, as it provides better protection against burglary attempts. In this case, too, the specific location of the home may lead to opting for more or less sophisticated systems. For example, the isolated position of a country villa may require the installation of windows equipped with additional security devices beyond the standard equipment of base models, such as handles with locking systems, burglar-resistant or shatterproof glass, and certified hardware with anti-break-in reinforcements and security pins.

Low Maintenance: Tecnoplast PVC windows require no special maintenance to remain beautiful and efficient over time. Regular cleaning with suitable detergents is sufficient, resulting in significant time and money savings.

Versatility: PVC has evolved in terms of performance and aesthetics in recent years, making windows more customizable with a range of solutions that make them adaptable to any environment, including the ability to combine two styles and two colors in a single product to match both the interior and exterior of the house.

Sustainability: PVC is a durable and 100% recyclable material, making it environmentally friendly. Tecnoplast, along with its supply chain, applies the principles of the circular economy, whereby processing waste and scraps are recycled to be reintroduced into the extrusion profile production process.


Aluminum has demonstrated over the years its ability to maintain a substantially stable market share for those seeking an elegant product capable of offering, through thermal break technology, insulation performance comparable to PVC.

Thermal Insulation: Tecnoplast thermal break fixtures, with high energy efficiency and low thermal transmittance values, provide a barrier that prevents heat exchange between indoor and outdoor environments, maintaining a constant temperature and achieving significant energy savings, benefiting both the bill and the environment. Thermal break is the solution developed to improve the performance of aluminum fixtures by eliminating heat dispersion due to thermal conductivity, an intrinsic characteristic of all metals. Thermal break means interrupting the thermal conductivity of an aluminum fixture by “cutting” the material’s continuity, separating the inner profile from the outer one with the insertion of a thermal insulating material (polyamide).

Sound Insulation: The primary cause of poor sound insulation in a house is the quality of the fixtures, not only due to the glazed component. Noise passes through the frame, the sealing gaskets, the sealing between the frame and the false frame, and the false frame and the roller shutter box. Tecnoplast aluminum fixtures, thanks to their high air tightness performance, consequently achieve excellent sound insulation.

Resistance: Being a very resistant material, aluminum allows the design and construction of structures that guarantee high levels of security. Choosing Tecnoplast aluminum fixtures ensures a solid structure that can be integrated with specific security systems or special applications designed for environmental protection, such as anti-burglary hardware and shatterproof glass.

Low Maintenance: One of the most appreciated characteristics of Tecnoplast aluminum fixtures is the low maintenance required to maintain the performance characteristics and beauty of the first day over time. Despite being a metal that can scratch and is sensitive to contact with acidic substances, aluminum is a robust and resistant material that does not require special maintenance, apart from normal periodic cleaning operations.

Versatility: Tecnoplast aluminum fixtures use minimal profiles with a unique design that have a reduced visual impact in favor of maximum brightness in the rooms. Living or working spaces, whether at home or in the office, will be aesthetically more elegant and will acquire a greater sense of lightness and design. Aluminum also has a low specific weight, so the fixtures benefit from reduced weight compared to those made of other materials, still being able to support large windows. Finally, aluminum offers a wide range of finishing options, some (e.g., anodized or oxidized) exclusive to this material.

Sustainability: It is one of the materials with the best recycling performance and can be endlessly remelted without losing any of its properties, remaining identical to primary aluminum. Using recycled aluminum means reducing production costs and resources. The more it is recycled, the cheaper it becomes.