Gruppo Bea Spa

Informazione sulla rivendita
Tecnoplast Lab
  • Address: Via Vincenzo Toffetti, 31, Milano, MI, Italia
  • Phone: 02573731
  • Opening Time: 09–13, 14–19

Formed in 1973, Gruppo Bea is the result of a gradual evolution culminating in the ability to create a market and add value to products. This is why we have stood out on the distribution market for the past 50 years. During this time we have refined the services we offer to an increasingly demanding customer base, both in terms of mix of products and interpersonal relations. We now offer an integrated service to professional and private customers. Gruppo Bea has pursued a strategy of expansion in recent years, opening the Multicentre for the Home in Milan – 10,000 square metres, with 3,500 dedicated to showroom space. More recently, we have opened our new 6,000 square metre SoaCaSa franchising point, with a 3,200 square metre showroom, just 200 metres away from the new Rho-Pero exhibition centre.

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