Tecnoplast celebrates its first 20 years.

March 2023 marked an important milestone for Tecnoplast: the completion of its first 20 years of activity. A special anniversary that celebrates not only the numerous achievements the company has made in the PVC and aluminum window and door market over the years but also rewards the constant work done together with its employees and partners, customers, and suppliers, in the spirit of closeness and a strong bond with its territory, which have always characterized the company’s “window-focused” philosophy.

For twenty years, Tecnoplast has been dedicated with passion and ingenuity to producing PVC and aluminum fixtures, with a daily production that has grown from a few units to several hundred today: a wide range of fixtures made according to a blend of Italian technology and craftsmanship, resulting in a turnover of 70 million euros in 2022.

From windows to doors, from sliding systems to shutters and roller shutter boxes, Tecnoplast products guarantee quality, safety, and high performance. This is where the brand’s success lies, thanks also to Italian style and design, the care and attention given to details and materials, and the ability to produce “special” or non-standard products to meet the needs of all customers.

Over the years, numerous goals have been achieved, but one of the accomplishments of which the Company is most proud is the significant growth in employment of a company that now employs over 230 staff members

Behind Tecnoplast’s rapid growth in recent years is primarily its founder and president, Enzo Cammillini: “I have always believed in the territory and its people, and I continue to do so, because the connection between the company and the territory tells a cultural identity that not only generates added value for the socio-economic fabric and the surrounding environment but also inspires our values and a corporate philosophy that focuses on people and the community, establishing long-term partnership relationships rather than normal ‘customer-supplier’ relationships. This anniversary is for us an opportunity to celebrate an achievement but also to define a new beginning for the new challenges that await us in the years to come.”

Luca Selvatici, CEO of Tecnoplast, comments: “We are experiencing a period of strong expansion, during which we are laying the foundations for the next twenty years of Tecnoplast, during which we want to continue to be synonymous with quality, beautiful, safe, and certified fixtures, as well as with attention to the customer, service, and, more broadly, to the wider context in which we operate.”

Choosing a Tecnoplast product also means entering a virtuous cycle of sustainability; PVC and aluminum are extremely efficient and recyclable materials, allowing the company to produce fixtures with reduced energy and resource consumption, and enabling the end customer to optimize heating and cooling expenses, allowing for savings while respecting the environment.